Skewers and Soju

Met up with  my good friend J today for some quick eats and long drinks.

We decided to go to Zakkushi on Denman for some small bites. We went at around 8 pm on a Friday night and it was busy but not overflowing (i.e. No lines out the door/can get a table sans reservation)

We ordered just a few things to share: Ebi-mayo, Appy sampler (takowasa, gomae, and kurage), norimayo tsukune, g-beef, and yakioni. Unfortunately due to the darkness of the restaurant I was only able to snap one quick picture.

Food was tasty but definitely no bang for your buck. The portions were small even by my standards!

2013-07-05 20.12.42
Ebi-mayo on a skewer and Appetizer Sampler

After our quick eats we headed over to Chui for some after dinner drinks. We had a bottle of soju ($8?? Extremely overpriced) and a yogurt soju cocktail ($25) I am not a discerning drinker. Nor do I have high expectations, but this soju cocktail had to be the worst one I’ve ever tasted. And that includes the ones I’ve made at home. It felt like two parts soju to 1/4 part everything else. It was torturous to drink this. Also they served this with regular drinking cups??!?

Also the music was painfully loud. I had expected this restaurant with its classy decor (gorgeous indoor cherry blossom tree) to be quieter but it definitely seemed like a spot where people were getting buzzed before going to a club.

The worst soju cocktail known to man kind.

Although I won’t be checking out Chui in the future for their drink offerings, their food offerings seemed quite delicious so I’ll definitely be back for that some time!

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill on Urbanspoon
Chui Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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