Japanese Restaurants

Tentatsu Sushi

Ahh, another Japanese restaurant at a very ill fated location. Tentatsu is located next to Anton’s, and pretty much every restaurant here lasts about a year (if they’re lucky) before going under.

Tentatsu pretty much took over the Sushi Giwa space. Everything looks exactly the same as it was when it was Sushi Giwa, except now it’s run by Chinese people instead of Korean people.

What I ate: Pirate Roll (BBQ squid stuffed with dried pork, massago, seaweed, sushi rice and tempura batter) ($10.95)

This was a pretty unique “roll”. I believe it’s their take on ikameshi (a regional dish from Hokkaido which is composed of squid stuffed with a glutinous rice blend)

This was the last dish to arrive, it took quite a while, and a few reminders before it came out. Overall it was a tasty dish, also one of the more expensive ones.

What I ate: Deluxe Sashimi (Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, Amaebi, Tai, Hokkigai, Saba) ($15.55)

No complaints here, it was a pretty standard plate of sashimi. The fish was not frozen when it was served, so that was appreciated. For what I paid, this was a pretty decent dish of sashimi! I liked that they put some effort into presentation as well.

What I ate: Sushi Combo A ($6.25)

Really good bang for your buck! The rolls are a bit sloppily made because they fall apart very easily but I like the addition of the sesame seeds for texture and they add a nice nutty flavour.

The nigiri, was pretty good too, the fish was properly defrosted, and the slices were generous (think Sushi California/Garden variety)


What I ate: Salmon Aburi Battera ($8.95)

This was definitely no Miku, but it did the job. It was a bit heavy on the rice, but it was pretty tasty. I like the less liberal use of mayo.

Would I come back? Probably, but only during their grand opening when you receive 10% off. I was slightly peeved, because I didn’t receive it (the 10% off), but I didn’t realize until I was home.
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