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Earls Test Kitchen

Met up with R for another Happy Hour adventure! This time we decided to go to Earls Test Kitchen because it was close to my work. Their happy hour is from 3 pm – 6 pm. We got there around 5:45 pm and it was really busy!

What we drank: Moscow Mule and Mojito ($7 each)

My Mule was pretty light on the alcohol, but the Mojito definitely packed a punch! Pretty standard drinks.

I was starving after a long day of work (on a weekend!) so we ordered quite a bit of food. We also ordered an Italia Pizza but that didn’t come until way later so I didn’t take a picture of it.

What we ate: Yam Fries ($5)

Pretty standard Yam Fries. We ordered this because the burger off their Happy Hour menu doesn’t come with sides. It was good to nibble on this!

What we ate: Chicken Taco ($3)

This was a really good deal. It came with a pretty generous portion of avocado and the chicken was moist. I really liked the hot sauce it came with!

What we ate: Bigger Better Burger ($9)

I was the most excited for this (I love burgers!) but sadly this burger disappointed. The vegetables on this were super fresh (much appreciated!) but the patty was cooked to beyond dry. It was literally crumbling in chunks as I was eating this, and no amount of ketchup or hot sauce could save this burger.

Overall Earls Test Kitchen has a decent Happy Hour. It was really busy so our food didn’t come out for a really long time, and in fact one of our items almost didn’t make it at all! Our server informed us that the kitchen forgot to make our 8″ Italia Pizza, but he assured us that they were making it for us right away and he kindly offered to take it off the bill. We didn’t mind too much because we were busy catching up, but the gesture was appreciated.

On Fridays and Saturdays they have $2 off their signature cocktails so I will definitely be back to check those out!

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