Smokehouse Sandwich Co

I secretly love carbs, so when R suggested we check out this sandwich shop I was super excited. This restaurant is in the middle of nowhere (literally), but their was quite a fair bit of people coming in for lunch (even in the snow!)

What I drank: Honey Ginger Lemon – Hot ($2.99)

This was pretty good. Extremely sweet though from the honey! Also the floating ginger bits wasn’t really pleasant to swallow but the overall taste was very comforting.

What I ate: Sarah Sandwich – Pulled tamarind chicken with aioli, sesame ginger oil and Asian slaw on a high fiber bun ($9.99)

This tasted exactly like a bánh mì! The chicken was pretty dry, but nothing a generous douse of hot sauce couldn’t fix! I liked the pickled vegetables because they added a nice crunch to an otherwise very soft and mushy sandwich.

What I ate: Sprout Salad – Brussels sprouts with lettuce, aioli, honey and samson bits (basically bacon) ($4.99)

This salad was heavy on the lettuce and dressing and it was delicious. If I could pour this dressing on all my vegetables I’d eat everything. This was super tasty, and probably very unhealthy. This was a decent sized side salad and I would get this again.

This restaurant is too out of the way for me to visit on the regular, and their sandwiches didn’t blow me out of the water unfortunately. They do have a location Downtown, so I might check it out sometime. If anything, I’ll go for the sprout salad!

Smokehouse Sandwich Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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