Kimbap Cheonguk

This is my favourite place in all of North America to get kimbap. Whenever I need some comfort food, I will come here. It’s definitely a hole in the wall but the food they put out is amazing.

On one of the snowiest days of the year, M and I ventured all the way out just because I was craving this.

What I ate: Ddeokbokki ($6.99)

One cannot have kimbap without an order of ddeokbokki to dip in. It’s absolutely essential that the two be ordered together. I like the rendition here as it leans more towards the spicy then the sweet.

What I ate: Regular kimbap, kimchi kimbap and tun kimbap ($3.95 each)

Their kimchi kimbap is the best. I don’t know what they do to their kimchi but it so flavourful and it really makes the entire kimbap. I could eat this forever and be happy.

This place is a no frills type establishment, so don’t come in expecting the best service. What you can expect is some amazing kimbap!

Kimbab Cheonguk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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