Takoyaki [Recipe]

When M went to Japan he so very kindly lugged back a Takoyaki pan for me so we finally put it to use!

This was my second time ever making Takoyaki and I would say that it was pretty successful!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have someone personally buy you a pan from Japan, the pan can be purchased on Amazon (at a premium).


For the batter:

500 ml water
1 1/2 cups of flour
3 eggs
2 teaspoons of katsuo stock granuales


Green onions
Aonori (dried seaweed)
Bonito flakes
Boiled seafood (I used a frozen mix)
Japanese mayo
Takoyaki sauce

Mix your eggs, water and stock granuales in a large mixing bowl. Once that’s combined add your flour and mix until all the lumps are dissolved.

Heat up your pan and oil it generously. Pour your batter until all the holes are full (it’s okay if it’s overflowing!). Drop your seafood and green onion into each hole and wait for two minutes while the batter sets. Once it’s set use two bamboo skewers to turn each ball.

Once done, garnish with mayo, takoyaki sauce, seaweed and bonito!

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