Chinese Dessert Hong Kong

TMix Tea & Dessert Bar

I always love meeting up with Q because we can talk for hours and hours and she puts up with all my randomness and drama. After a really filling meal at Taishoken we drove up to TMix for some desserts!

When we arrived the cafe was empty except for one table, but it got busier later into the night.

TMix has an all day special which is an egg waffle + Milk/Green/Black Tea combo for $6.99. If you want pearls it’s an additional $0.50.

What we drank: Green Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea with pearls

The drink was alright, it was on the milkier side with a light tea taste. It was a bit bland, but it may be because I got it 50% sweet.

What we ate: Original egg waffle

I like my egg waffles crispy and chewy, and unfortunately this fell short. It was a very average rendition, and it got soggy pretty fast.

I probably won’t be back only because it isn’t exactly close, and even though their combo is a good deal, I rather pay a little bit extra for something with more flavour.

Side note: One of the staff members here is super bubbly and friendly! It was hard to flag them down, but they are so earnest once you get their attention.

TMix Tea & Dessert Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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