Yaletown Brewing Company

A couple friends and I decided to come here for a pre drink before we went clubbing on a Friday night. Our first choice, Earls, was full so we decided to come here instead. This was a bad decision.

When we first arrived the hostess indicated that we can just find a seat anywhere. We found an empty table and sat down. Not one, but THREE servers, came by to tell us that we can’t sit here because we aren’t ordering food. I have a couple issues with this:

1. How do you know that we aren’t going to order food?
2. If you gave us menus we would order food.

Every time a server told us that we couldn’t sit here we indicated that we would be ordering food and could they please give us a menu. We were ignored so many times until finally they got the hint.

What I drank: Can’t remember (pre clubbing remember?) But it was pretty watered down and was around $10.

What we ate: Fish cakes – South Indian curry spiced, panko and coconut crusted salmon and cod cakes, with cashews, served with papaya salsa, sweet coconut reduction ($11.99)

This was very interesting. Very strong on the curry flavour and not really to my tastes. The fish cake was fried nicely though, and the salsa helped to balance out the oiliness of the cake.

What we ate: Duck Confit pizza – Tender confit duck leg, toasted walnuts, Roquefort blue cheese, dried cranberries and fresh arugula ($16.99)

This was actually pretty delicious. The crust was chewy with a nice char to it. The blue cheese wasn’t very present but there was plenty of duck. The arugula paired nicely with the fattiness of the duck.

Would I come back? No. I was extremely turned off by the very rude service. It’s a pity because the food was actually pretty good.

Yaletown Brewing Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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