Cactus Club Cafe

Apologies to my readers for the less than timely blog posts this month! Sometimes real life just catches up, and there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it.

It’s not that I have stopped eating out – in fact I’m eating out almost every day, I just don’t have the patience to photograph my food before eating (because by the time I eat I’m next level hangry these days).

Cactus Club Bentall 5 is my standard go to. I think I’ve been here every few days this month for either lunch or dinner. On one of these days I really needed an alcoholic pick me up, so thankfully S was game to have a drink as well.

What we drank: The Brazilian – bacardi white rum, fresh kiwi, lime, sugar cane and soda ($8.75) and Craft Beer ($6.50)

I wish I could remember what beer S ordered but it was a craft beer of some sort! I had The Brazilian which is one of my favourites. It’s a dangerous drink because it’s very sweet and not alcoholic tasting, so you could have a few before you realize that maybe you shouldn’t have.

What we ate: Jambalaya Rice Bowl – shrimp, chicken, chorizo sausage, vegetables, bacon, spicy tomato sauce, black bean salsa, crème fraîche ($17.50)

S had this and since he demolished it no time, I’m assuming that it was pretty good. That or he was just as hangry as me. I had a bite and it tasted fine to me, but I’ve never had Jambalaya before so to me this was very strongly flavoured.

What we ate: Grilled Tuna Club – ocean wise™ rare-seared albacore, tarragon tartar, bacon, cilantro, pickled ginger, ciabatta ($16.75)

My standard go to dish here. It was good as usual and they very kindly accommodated my request of having my sandwich diagonally cut.

Would I come back? Yes, and I have already since posting this. Cactus Club is pretty standard across the board (at least in Downtown). I’ve had yet to have a bad experience here, and I’m always here either for their Happy Hour drinks, lunch or dinner!

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