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Bistro Sakana

Aburi sushi is one of my favourite things to eat in the whole world. If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life… aburi sushi would be it. When M suggested this Yaletown establishment for our dinner, I was more than down to check it out.

We sat outside on the patio (because natural light), but I would probably not recommend doing that unless it’s summer because the heat lamps aren’t evenly spaced so it was pretty chilly. Blankets are provided, but I have a personal thing against public use blankets and pillows…

What we ate: Soba Salad ($8.00)

This was a standard simple salad. Very refreshing! I think it would be the perfect summer dish.

What we ate: Crunchy Filo Scallop & Prawns – hotaté scallop and tiger prawns wrapped in fine filo dough and lightly fried. miso hollandaise dipping sauce ($13.00)

I’m usually not a fan of deep fried foods, but this was so good! The prawn was really juicy and the dish wasn’t greasy at all. I loved the sauce, and I would never think to put miso in hollandaise, but I think that would be amazing over a Japanese inspired eggs benedict!

What we ate: Capresé Roll – hotaté scallops, fresh shiso-basil pesto, fresh tomato and bocconcini mozzarella. lightly sauteéd and plated with an extra virgin olive oil & an aged modena balsamic reduction rim ($14.00)

I’m usually not a fan of fusion rolls, but this was really tasty! I couldn’t really taste the scallop but the other components definitely shone through.

What we ate: Shiro Miso Toro Aburi – fresh toro marinated in white miso and junmai ginjo saké, layered with rice, flame seared, and topped with chili flakes and key lime slivers ($15.00)

This is hands down the BEST aburi oshi sushi in Vancouver, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. I think this version blows the one from Miku out of the water. It was SO GOOD. There was a huge hunk of avocado in the middle of every piece, and each piece wasn’t too densely packed which I appreciated.

We also got the Sockeye Jalepeño aburi ($14.00) and Sukiyaki ($16.00) which is not pictured because at this point it was pretty much pitch dark outside and we were eating from the light of a very hardworking candle.

The sukiyaki wasn’t great, if I had to redo that choice, I’d order another aburi, because it’s just that good.

Would I come back? Yes! The aburi here can’t be beat, and the ambiance is top notch!

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  1. What are your top 5 places for aburi oshi? I’m curious how Sakana (which I haven’t had a chance to visit yet) stacks up against other places I’ve tried :O

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