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[Dine Out Vancouver] The Trump Champagne Lounge + Crudo Bar #DOVF

I’ve been to The Trump Champange Lounge + Crudo Bar countless times for their elegant and innovative themed high teas, as well as for their Happy Hour, but I have yet to try dinner there, so I figured with Dine Out happening, this would be a great opportunity to try.

T and I made an early dinner reservation to try out the $35 DOVF Dinner Menu. One thing to note is that the tables are very low and the couches are higher, so eating will be a bit awkward because you either have to bring the plate up to you, or hover over each bite. To their credit, if you make a reservation they will forewarn you about the tables.

Cardamom & Rose Lemonade ($9.00)

As per the name this is a light and refreshing lemonade with hints of rose and cardamom. I could taste the rose, but the cardamom was a bit lost on me. A nice light drink to accompany a heavier dinner!

Venison Tartare – pickled blueberries, baby beets, red onion marmalade and chive mayonnaise

T and I decided to order different options and then share so we could try everything. This was T’s choice and she liked it! There was a strong asian influence in this dish as the sesame oil and soy flavour was quite prominent.

Smoked Albacore Tuna “Nicoise” – heirloom tomato, green beans, Nicoise olive, fingerling potato and watercress

This was my pick because I love Niçoise salad. This was essentially a deconstructed Niçoise salad. The smoked tuna was an interesting twist, but a little too salty for me personally. I liked the other components though, especially the potato and tomato!

Pan fried Sable Fish – smoked tomato puree, Atlantic mussel and saffron “arancini” and fennel slaw

This was my choice because I adore sablefish and I don’t see it often on Dine Out menus. The fish was perfectly cooked, so silky, flakey and buttery in the best way. The skin was perfectly seared so it was like a crisp chip. The downfall unfortunately (for me) was the rest of the components of the dish. The sprouts were absolutely not necessary, the smoked tomato puree had a really odd flavour that overpowered the fish, and the arancini was just not tasty.

The arancini was fried well (very crisp on the outside), but the mussels were really fishy and it didn’t work well with the sablefish in my opinion.

Korean Glazed Beef Short Rib – herbed crushed new potato and sesame broccolini

This was T’s choice and it was so yummy! I had a bit and the flavours were on point and the beef was so very tender. T really enjoyed it as well, and this was our unanimous favourite.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant Bar – hazelnuts, raspberry sorbet

This dessert was like eating a very delicate and large Ferrero Rocher. It was divine. I really loved the crispy portion of the dessert on the bottom. The raspberry sorbet was full of flavour and complemented the chocolate well.

Assorted Winter Fruits Pavlova Meringue – stone fruit compote

The Pavlova was my choice and it was also excellently made. The meringue was crisp on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. The stone fruit compote was spiced nicely and went well with the sweet meringue.

Overall I thought the dinner was quite nice. I think at $35 it is on the cheaper side for the ambiance and pricing of the lounge. The only downside is the seating arrangement is not very conducive to eating. My recommendation is to start with the tartare, have the short rib as your main and finish with either dessert.

Trump Champagne Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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