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Daily Delicious Bakery – Classic French Pastries with an Asian Twist

Daily Delicious Bakery is a newly opened bakery hidden on Number 3 Road in Richmond. It is the definition of a hidden gem. The bakery operates out of a very small space with only on table inside and one table outside. They have a limited selection of baked goods, but what they do have, they do well. They also have a selection of espresso beverages for sale.

I dropped by over the weekend with Trudy to sample a few of their offerings, and we ended up purchasing almost everything on offer!

The Masago Baguette is life changing. I’ve been searching for this baguette for a very long time. I had one when I was in Tokyo and it changed my life. I’m so happy that to find a replica right here at home. The saltiness of the masago works so well with the butter and the crustiness of the baguette. They are very generous with the masago, so every bite has the fresh pop of brininess.

The Garlic baguette uses fresh garlic so there is no shortage of garlic flavour. It’s definitely one of the best garlic breads that I’ve ever had.

To be frank, anything spread on this excellently executed baguette would be delicious.

Daily Delicious Bakery takes great pride in all their products, but they are especially proud of their croissants – and for good reason. Each croissant is flakey and buttery on the outside and light and airy on the inside.

The Salted Egg Yolk Croissant had a healthy portion of salted egg yolk on the inside and a generous crust of almonds on the outside. It was a delicious take on a savoury croissant.

Their Almond Croissant is cut in half and filled with an almond filling. It was another flakey and delicious delight.

Their classic Butter Croissant was a study in the perfect croissant. It was so buttery and flakey, there were shards of croissant all over my plate.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Sea Salt Bread ($1.95) and Sweet Dough Bread with Cheese and Custard ($2.19)

The Sea Salt Bread is the unassuming bread roll on the left and it was the butteriest, softest bread roll I’ve ever had. They bake a stick of butter into the bread and when it’s baking it melts away creating the softest interior with the crispiest butter crust on the bottom. It will blow your mind.

The Sweet Dough Bread with Cheese and Custard is their only Chinese bakery bread offering. The bread is much sweeter because of the use of sugar, and they only use their own vanilla beans in the filling. I would have to say of everything that we tried, this was the weakest. The flavour in the filling was there, but the combination of cream cheese and custard was a little too much.

Service was very friendly, and the head baker is very passionate about her products. Everything is made in house without any preservatives or additives. I would highly recommend you check this little bakery out! Call ahead to reserve some of their more popular items (like the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant!) to avoid disappointment. I cannot wait to be back to try their Swiss Roll and Cronuts!


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