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[Seoul] Tartine Bakery Dosan – A San Francisco Institution Meets Kinfolk in Gangnam

Tartine Bakery, a San Francisco institution, expanded in a big way when they opened their first overseas flagship in Seoul earlier this year in Feburary. Since then they have opened three more locations, and I had the pleasure of trying out Tartine Dosan.

Tartine Dosan is the bakery’s fourth location in Seoul and it opened June 2019 inside Kinfolk Dosan. Located near Dosan Park and Apgujeong Rodeo Street – this location is designed to be a community lounge and gallery space celebrating the values of Kinfolk magazine.

There is a wide variety of baked goods, sandwiches, and salads available, but since I came by after dinner, I just tried their beverages and pastries. Check out their full menu here.

Passionfruit Ade – 패션후르츠 에이드 (₩7,000)

This drink was light and refreshing – the perfect post dinner drink. Slightly bubbly with a hints of mint and lime this is a must get if you’re a fan of carbonated drinks.

Carrot Cake – 단근 케이크 (₩8,500)

Carrot Cake is my go-to cake flavour, so I had to order this. This rendition of carrot cake was fantastic. It was moist, fluffy and packed with ingredients. The pineapple in the cake added a mellow sweetness to the cake which I loved. There was also crunch from generous amount of walnuts sprinkled within the cake. A must get for all carrot cake lovers!

Frangipane Croissant – 아몬드 크루아상 (₩6,200)

Ultra flaky layers encasing a generous frangipane centre. This was a hefty croissant similar to the double baked almond croissant at Thomas Haas. Not too sweet, and absolutely oozing the aroma of butter, this is one of the best croissants I’ve ever eaten. It is a worthy competitor for the top spot that on my list that is currently occupied by Beaucoup Bakery & Café’s Almond Croissant.

Frangipane Cream Tart – 아몬드 크림 타르트 (₩7,500)

Their frangipane tart was another winner. Featuring luscious figs, this pastry wasn’t too sweet with a delicate almond crust.

Sweet Scone – 스윗 스콘 (₩4,500)

The scone was buttery and crumbly with a mild sweetness from the dried fruits. The crust was my favourite part due to the generous sprinkle of sugar on top.

The atmosphere, service and pastries makes Tartine Bakery a stand out cafe in Seoul for me. Although the pastries are on the pricier side – the quality of ingredients more than justify the cost.

If you’re ever in Seoul, check out Tartine Dosan and spend a relaxing afternoon people watching as you enjoy a nice iced Americano and flaky almond croissant!

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