Sushi Aria

R picked me up after work today and we went for a really late lunch at Sushi Aria.

The restaurant was very spacious and clean. Given our odd dining time, it was also quite empty, but service was very good, and they kept refilling our tea and checking in on our table.

What he ate: Tuna & Salmon Don ($10.50)

The fish was very fresh and buttery! We were very pleasantly surprised. The fish wasn’t frozen in parts as is common with most Korean run Japanese restaurants and the rice had a good amount of vinegar in it.

R usually drowns his don in soy sauce to mask the fishy taste, but this was so fresh that he kept the soy to a minimum.

What I ate: Spicy Tuna Don ($10.50)

I’ve been having a mad craving for this for weeks now, so this definitely was spot on. I think this one replaces my favourite at Sushi Town for cheap tuna don! The tuna was so soft and melty! The also didn’t skimp out on anything, this bowl was overflowing. There was so much rice that even I had trouble finishing it.

Sushi Aria is a solid choice, and it’s only 10 minutes by train from my office, so you can bet I was back again the week after.

Sushi Aria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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