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Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian

Do Chay is the newest passion project of the Do family, who owns Green Lemongrass as well as House Special. Do Chay’s menu pays homage and tribute to the bright and fresh flavours of Vietnam.

Spring Rolls – crispy vegan spring rolls served with green leaf lettuce and herbs for wrapping, served with nước chấm ($7.00)

These spring rolls were fried perfectly and stuffed with a delicious vegetable filling. The fresh lettuce and herbs were the perfect accompaniment to the hot spring rolls.


Do Chay Dumplings – snow pea and jicama steamed dumplings, coconut milk and nước chấm ($9.00)


These house made dumplings look unassuming, but the vegetable filling was full of umami flavour and the jicama added a nice crunch to the filling. The skins weren’t too thick and the coconut milk was a pleasant end note to this dish.

Coconut Rice Cakes – cast iron seared coconut milk rice cakes, cabbage, green onion and nước chấm ($9.00)

I’ve never tasted anything like this before. I expected something chewy but this cake was crisp on the outside with a creamy coconut centre. It was my favourite dish of the day.

Seitan Calamari Lotus Salad – fried seitan calamari, marinated cucumber, chili sesame oil, pickled lotus stem, peanut, cilantro, wood ear mushroom ($12.00)

Of all the dishes I tried, this was the weakest offering. The ‘calamari’ was made of seitan (wheat gluten), and it didn’t really resemble the texture or taste of calamari. The salad component was pickled and very refreshing.

Monsoon Roll – tofu, jicama, fresh herbs, onion, rice wrapper and chili pineapple sauce ($8.00)

The winning component of this dish was the chili pineapple sauce. It added such a flavourful punch of flavour to the fresh vegetables in this salad roll.

XO Potstickers – hand wrapped potstickers with mushroom XO, cabbage, carrot. Served with sweet soy and sweet pea shoots ($8.00)


These dumplings were an umami bomb. The skins were on the thicker side, but the sweet soy went lovely with the mushroom filling. The crispy garlic on top was the perfect finish for this dish.

Every dish I tried was beautifully plated and executed. As I went during their soft opening, I didn’t have the opportunity to try their noodle bowls or rice dishes, but if their appetizers are any indication of the strength of their menu, I cannot wait to be back!

All photos taken by Trudy.

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