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The Poké Shop

I was fortunate enough to be invited by my good friend Naomi (constantcravings.ca) to participate in a media tasting at The Poké Shop in Gastown.

I’ve been here previously, and I will say my experiences were very similar, so I will say that there was no “preferential” treatment in terms of service and portion size.

In terms of value, of all the Poké shops that I have been to in Downtown, they definitely have the best value here. Personally I prefer the poké here over Pokeritto and The Poke Guy.

What we ate: Super Large Poké Bowls!

What I ate: Super Large Poké Bowl with Ahi Tuna and Scallop on top of 12 Grain Organic Purple Rice ($15.95)

I love the rice here. Hands down the best base ever. For my unlimited toppings I went with pickled ginger, lemon, cilantro, pomegranate, cucumber, orange segments, edamame, imitation crab meat, tobiko, seaweed salad, nori and for my sauce I had their signature sauce and wasabi mayo.

Visually not the most appealing (very green!), but I really enjoyed this! I probably wouldn’t ask for pomegranate seeds only because the texture was really odd, but it was a nice touch of colour!

What we ate: Avocado Poké Toast

This is a new menu item that they haven’t introduced yet. It’s Poké on top of avocado topped with pea sprouts and curly beets and carrots(I think). Personally I loved everything on top of the toast, but the toast itself was kind of weird. I don’t think it really works with the heavy toppings. Maybe they need to toast the bread a bit longer, because it was definitely soggy. Good idea, lacking just a little bit in execution.

Overall I had a great time here. I can see myself here quite often as it is very close to my office and the flavours here are really good (especially that signature sauce!)

The Poke Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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