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Lollipot – Disappointing Individual Hot Pot in Richmond

Lollipot is a new individual hot pot restaurant that opened in Richmond in the same plaza as Prata Man. It takes over the space that TTOB used to occupy but upon closer inspection it seems that TTOB is still operating based on their logo still being on the drink menu as well as the logo behind the cashier.

I stopped by on a rainy weekday to try out their individual hot pots and unfortunately I left quite disappointed. In terms of variety and selection their pots were pretty standard (similar to Boiling Point), but for the price it was definitely overpriced and not worth it. Check out the menu here. They do have a lunch special where their hot pots are $1 off between 11 am – 4 pm and you’ll get a free tea (black, green or wintermelon tea).

Cumin Lamb – sliced lamb, fish ball, meat ball, fried tofu roll, bean curd stick, tofu, fish cake, mushroom, baby corn, sweet corn, cabbage and cilantro ($15.55)

The soup was flavourful and although the dish looks plentiful, it was mainly because the pot itself was so shallow. The soup evaporated from this dish pretty quickly. The majority of the ingredients were fish paste/or filled with fish paste, so the flavour and texture got pretty boring pretty quickly.

Taiwanese Style Spicy – fish ball, bean curd, king oyster mushroom, meat ball, fish cake, baby corn, tofu, mushroom, cabbage, cilantro, and green onion ($15.25)

I had the same issue with this pot. The ingredients were definitely lacking in value (fish paste/fish paste based items). The soup itself was spicy and had a nice kick however, but felt a bit one note.

Overall there is a lot of other better options for hot pot in Richmond. The service was a bit haphazard which I chalk it up to them being newly opened, but they were friendly.

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