NingTu Restaurant

NingTu used to be my family’s go to for Shanghai food, but over the years I felt that the quality has really gone down. We sometimes come for nostalgia’s sake. This time I came with my mom for a quick lunch. One thing that they don’t do well here is Xiao Long Bao (sad but true), so we didn’t order it.

What I ate: Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken ($7.95)

I get this at every Shanghai restaurant I go to, and even though this looks a bit bland it was actually pretty good. The sauce was very heavy on the vinegar (as opposed to sesame at most restaurants). The noodles were quite chewy and the bean sprouts were fresh.

What I ate: Baked Sesame Pastry with Beef and Preserved Vegetable ($7.95)

This is the best thing to get here during lunch hours. I love the crispy pastry with the tender beef shank and the delicious pickled vegetable! I wish I could buy a bucket of the preserved vegetable (it’s that good!)

NingTu is pretty popular during lunch hours so I would recommend you make a reservation if you want to check it out.

Although it’s not my first choice of Shanghai restaurant and I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, if I was in the area I will definitely drop by.

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