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Satomi Sushi

I had first wanted to try this place back in August of last year, but we came on a day that they were closed. I didn’t have another opportunity until recently to finally check it out!

We went here after work (around 9 pm) so the restaurant was pretty empty. We were famished, so we ordered quite a bit of food!

What we ate: Beef Yakiudon ($10.95)

This was a pretty standard preparation, I like that they added bonito flakes on top! It wasn’t too salty which was good, and the udon had a good chew.

What we ate: Futomaki ($10.50)

This was the biggest futomaki I have ever seen. Each piece was the size of my fist! This was a really good version of futomaki. The tamago in this was freshly made, and the whole roll was just jam packed with ingredients! Next time I’m going to ask if they do half rolls because this was way too much!

What we ate: Aburi Spicy Salmon Battera ($10.95)

The standard Miku knock off aburi sushi. They did a pretty good job! It wasn’t as creamy as the one from Miku, and there was only salmon on top, but for the price I can’t complain!

What we ate: Tamagoyaki ($3.95)

At almost $1 per piece, this was an expensive dish (comparatively). But it was worth it! The egg was perfectly seasoned and extremely fluffy! I could eat 10 of these!

We also ordered an ika sugatayaki ($8.95) and that was the weakest dish we had. I was also seriously approaching food coma status so I didn’t take a picture. The squid was tender, but there was absolutely no grill flavour whatsoever. It felt like it was steamed.

Overall I had a very filling and delicious dinner at Satomi Sushi. I would pick this restaurant over Sushi Garden any day. I really hope that it wasn’t busy because we went at such a late time, because this place is a gem! For the two of us we paid $50 including tip and tax, which is a bit more on the expensive side for dinner in Burnaby, but well worth it!

I can’t wait to be back to try their lunch specials!

Satomi Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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