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Nemesis Coffee

The buzz about this coffee shop has been insane, and I was so glad to finally be able to check it out! I came much later in the day so they were out of quite a few items, but luckily for A and I they still had one of the best things left.

What we ate: Classic Chocolate Cashew and Smoked Salt Cookie ($3.25)

THIS. WAS. AMAZING. This cookie was life changing. It was perfectly crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside which is exactly how I love my cookies to be. The chocolate was super indulgent and the salt just added a perfect counterbalance to make sure the cookie wasn’t over the top sweet.

I’ve actually already come back for this cookie and as if they couldn’t improve it even more, the cookie I got on my second visit was WARM!! It literally made my day. Nothing like a freshly baked cookie to cheer you up on the worst of days.

What we ate: Candied Lemon Lavender Whipped Meringue Shortbread Dip ($2.25)

This wasn’t nearly as delicious as the cookie but it sure is Instagram worthy! I’m personally not a huge fan of lavender flavoured things because I find that more often than not it ends up tasting soapy. The shortbread was incredibly buttery and delicious and I didn’t find the lavender overwhelming. But I probably won’t get it again.

What we drank: Pour over – Colombia La Palma Jaime Molina ($4.50) and Macchiato ($3.50)

A thought the pour over was way too weak. She personally likes a really strong dark cup of coffee and she felt that this was very watery.

My macchiato was fine, I appreciated the little heart on top and there was a strong punch of espresso.

Will I be back? Yes! It’s very close to my office and I have found my holy grail of cookies here. In fact, I’ve already been back and I’m planning another trip this week (to try and track down the elusive smore shortbread!).

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