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The Rise Eatery

What we drank: Caesar ($10.00), Geisha-rita – sake, lychee, pink lemonade and togarashi ($12.00) and Mojito ($10.00)

The last two drinks had fancier names but I can’t remember what they were and they don’t have the bar menu online. The consensus was that the drinks weren’t very good. The Geisha-rita was particularly weird with the togarashi rim, it didn’t complement the extremely sweet lychee drink at all.

What we ate: Sweet N Chili – ocean wise prawns, thai herbs, lime n sweet chili marinade, green papaya slaw ($15.00)

The prawns were big and delicious, but the slaw was very disappointing. I think they need to revise the description to “garnish”. There was a meager amount of vegetables under the prawns and the marinade tasted like it came straight out of a bottle of Thai sweet chili sauce.

What we ate: Shroom (Vegan) – Wild mushrooms, udon, silken tofu cream, cashew parmesan ($10.00)

This dish is why I cannot be vegan. The udon was strangely all broken up and not really in strands. This dish is an example of when vegan food goes wrong. The only saving grace was the mushrooms.

What we ate: Heart attack rice – Schmaltz stir fried rice pilaf, chicken confit, soft boiled egg, chicken crackling ($10.00)

This was probably one of the better dishes of the night. Although it was disappointing that we didn’t get a soft boiled egg, because I think a melty yolk would have really contributed to this dish.

What we ate: Tuna Mole – Spicy Albacore Tuna Tartar, roasted corn guacamole, lotus root chips ($14.00)

This was your basic run of the mill Tuna tartar. Personally I enjoyed this dish the most, but I can get something similar at any izakaya in town.

Would I come back? No. Unfortunately I was left pretty disappointed with the meal. I had some high expectations coming into this because of all the beautiful social media posts, but I can attest that what you see isn’t what you always get.

Also, it was extremely difficult to get the bill as we had asked three separate times before they acknowledged us.

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