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TeaTure Tea Lounge

My newest pre-bed activity is scrolling through Instagram looking at gorgeous pictures of food and then dreaming about it.

On one night, I happened across a post on a gorgeous dessert with a sugar dome. Turns out it was a new tea lounge that had just opened. Without any hesitation, I texted R and asked if she wanted to check it out with me the very next day, thankfully she said yes!

What we ate: Peach Punch Tart – white peach oolong, berries ($8.00)

Can I start by saying that the presentation is absolutely stunning? This dessert rivals that of any of the high end bakeries and hotel pâtisseries in Vancouver.

Breaking the sugar dome!

There’s an abundance of berries under a very delicate sugar dome and underneath the berries is a white peach oolong curd. The tea flavour isn’t very strong unfortunately, but the overall dessert isn’t too sweet which I appreciated.

What we ate: Sakura Lemon Tart – Sakura tea, sakura lemon curd, caramel cookie ($7.00)

In honour of the Sakura season, we decided to get this appropriately themed dessert.

The number one thing I loved about this dessert was the toffee sponge. This is one of my favourite candies ever and I was so happy to see it on this dessert! This dessert was much sweeter than the Peach tart mostly because of all the additional garnishes. The white dollops was torched marshmallow (another favourite!)

I don’t know what Sakura tastes like (and I don’t think they used preserved sakura because I’ve tasted that before and it wasn’t present in this), but there wasn’t any floral aspect to this dessert. The predominant flavours was lemon and grapefruit.

One thing to note is that the crust for both tarts are very thick. It’s very hard to cut this dessert. I personally love sugar cookie crusts so I loved it, but if you’re more of a fan of flaky crusts, this might not be your thing.

We also had a Calpis Green Tea and a Grapefruit Green Tea ($4.50 each). The drinks weren’t too sweet and you can taste the tea.

Would I come back? Yes! I loved the two desserts we had here, and I cannot wait to come back to try the rest. I have my eye on that Black Honey Opera!

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