Emvy Lashes

I’ve always wanted to try out eyelash extensions and when I saw my twin do them and how great they looked I took the plunge and went for it.

I went to Emily of missvancouverpiggy fame, and she was great! She was super nice and friendly and I had a great time. I may have fallen asleep once or twice because she was so gentle.

She works out of her home, but everything is super clean.

I would highly recommend her, and if you go let her know I sent you!

She currently charges $40 for a full set, but she will increase her price to $50 in June, so get your appointment in!

Before: Excusing my disgusting skin (I was having a bad week), you can see my eyelashes are super short and thin.

After: She did such a great job, they are so full! It definitely took some getting used to (my eyes were so heavy!) but there was no irritation of any kind and my eyes didn’t turn red or get itchy.

Another thing I had to get used to was that the lashes were so long they kept hitting my glasses, but even then, there wasn’t any damage to them!

After: 5 weeks later.

From what I read online, lashes are supposed to last about 3 weeks before you need to go in for a fill. This picture was taken 5 weeks after and they are still going strong!

2017-04-15 12.51.34
After: 2 months later.

And this was taken yesterday! This is a full 2 months after I had them done! This is unfiltered and I’m not wearing any makeup.

That’s how amazing she is. Book now!

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