The Gray Olive Cafeteria 

I hadn’t seen J in quite a long time, so when he called me to go out for brunch, I couldn’t refuse.

What I drank: Latte ($4.25)

This is one of the saddest lattes I’ve ever had and I’ve had a fair number of Starbucks lattes. I think my expectations were a lot higher because I had just had brunch the day before at 33 Acres and their latte art was beautiful.

The taste was okay, a bit watered down in my opinion because I was able to take a nap that very afternoon and usually caffeine keeps me up for hours.

What I ate: Avocado Toast – mashed avocado, oven roasted tomatoes, balsamic reduction, sourdough ($5.00)

I ordered this because I wasn’t very hungry. I don’t usually eat breakfast and since we met up at around 10 am I just didn’t think I could stomach anything larger than a toast.

This was alright. I really liked the balsamic reduction, and for the price it’s not bad.

What he ate: G.O. Breaky Sandwich – marbled egg, chives, oven roasted tomatoes, smoked shallot aioli, avocado, burger bun + The G.O. potatoes ($6.50 +$3.75)

I had a couple potatoes and they’re honestly just really greasy glorified potato chunks. J said that the sandwich was alright, the flavours in his opinion overwhelmed each other and it was a very messy sandwich to eat.

Service wise, there is no service. You order at the counter and they call your name when your order is ready. The space is really small and we were lucky enough to come just before a huge rush of people so we didn’t have to wait to be seated.

Would I come back? Probably not. There’s a lot of other places that have the same type of foods but do it better.

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