Chinese Hong Kong Restaurants

Bubble Waffle Cafe

This is probably my No. 1 place to get lunch in Downtown. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s delicious. As much as I love my Miku lunches there’s no way I could eat there every day!

This place is always busy. Even though the rest of the stalls in the food court have healthy business (mostly), this place is always bustling.

I love that they are so efficient but still maintaining quality.

I went here with A on my lunch break because she’s never been.

What I ate: Thai Style Soup + Beef Topping (Sliced beef, beef balls and quail eggs) + Egg Noodle + Iced Milk Tea ($9.50) and Laksa Soup + Fish Topping (Fish cake, fish tofu, quail eggs) + Egg Noodle + Iced Lemon Tea + Bubble Waffle ($10.50)

My two favourite soup bases are the Laksa and the Tom Yum Goong. I feel that if they use MSG here it’s very very little, because I don’t get the MSG thirst after I eat here and I’m pretty sensitive to it.

I love the use of quail eggs!

No complaints here, the food arrived fresh and hot. AND we even got a freshly made bubble waffle so it was ultra crispy and delicious! (Usually the egg waffles are on the limper side because they premake everything to keep up with the rush)

Would I come back? Yes! In fact I’ve already filled in one entire stamp card within the past month! ><

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