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Peaceful Restaurant

When I’m craving Shanghai food during work hours I usually end up coming to Peaceful Restaurant. It’s by no means the greatest, in fact one could argue it’s barely average, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I came here last week for dinner because it was conveniently between my friend’s office and my office.

What we ate: Xiao Long Bao Steamed Buns (小龍包) – filled with minced pork, ginger and a savoury sauce ($7.95 for 8 pieces)

I was very pleasantly surprised by these! Maybe because my expectations were managed for this restaurant but these were very delicious! The skin was on the thicker side, but none of the dumplings were burst when they were served to us. The soup was quite savoury and each dumpling had a good chinese soup spoon full of soup!

What we ate: Sichuan Broth Braised Fish (水煮魚片) – served on a bed of greens surrounded by spicy mouth tingling broth ($15.95)

This looks intimidating but it wasn’t that spicy at all. This dish is not for the faint hearted though. There is some intense chili oil action going on here! The fish was very moist and this was a pretty good rendition of a classic Sichuan dish.

What we ate: Xin-Jiang Cumin Beef (孜然牛肉) – stir fried beef with green peppers, cumin & chilli flakes ($14.95)

Wow! This is definitely not a first date dish. This dish was very salty but quite flavourful! There was pretty good wok hei with this dish, and it wasn’t too oily which I appreciated. We ordered two bowls of rice to eat with the above two dishes and it was definitely way too much food for two people.

Would I come back? Whenever I’m craving some Chinese food without wanting to venture to far from work.

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