Whisky Six BBQ

I’m no expert in BBQ. The only BBQ I usually have is Korean BBQ, so this was a very new experience for me. I’m glad I went with a big group of people because we were able to order every meat offering on the menu.

Each plate comes with a choice of two sides (wings are $2 extra), Fife Bakery bread, and a Barrelhouse Brine pickle. We ordered every side except the chicken gravy.

Of the sides we ordered (Kennebac Fries (Large), smokey beans, coleslaw, southern biscuits, braised greens, wings), my favourite was the coleslaw. It was on the wetter side but I liked the crunchy vegetables and the tang of the dressing.

The bread was pretty bad. I really wanted to like it because I’ve seen all the amazing breads on the Fife Bakery instagram, but this bread just tasted like day old egg bread from T&T.

What we ate: Windsor Meats Sausage – 2 links ($19.00)

This was my favourite meat of the evening. I like the slight spiciness and it wasn’t too fatty. All this needed was a really good baguette to stuff it in and some good old cheap american mustard.

What we ate: Johnston’s Prohibition Pulled Pork – Medium ($19.00)

This is my first time having pulled pork, and I can’t say that I was impressed. I felt this lacked flavour, and even when I doused it in the provided BBQ sauce I felt that it was just missing a certain punch.

What we ate: Johnston’s Back Ribs – Full rack ($28.00)

This was on the dry side as well for me. My personal preference is saucier meats, so for others who prefer drier style BBQ’d meats this would totally be up your alley.

What we ate: Blue Goose Cattle Co. Organic Beef Brisket – Medium ($20.00)

The brisket was tender and not chewy which I appreciated. Again I’ve only had brisket prepared with Asian methods, and I can say I definitely prefer that style of preparation.

We also had Free Range Farmcrest Smoked Chicken – 2 legs ($20.00), but my picture came out blurry. The chicken was nothing to write home about it. Again, it was quite dry and tasted a bit like a Costco rotisserie chicken that had spent some time in the fridge.

Would I be back? No. It was nice to try something out of my comfort zone, but overall I found everything to be under seasoned and on the dry side.

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