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Sugar Lab

Sugar Lab is a newly opened Mille Crepe Cake place in Burnaby. It’s a bit out of the way if you don’t drive, but it’s worth the trek out!

Tiramisu Mille Crepe Cake ($8.50)

This was my favourite dessert of the evening. I liked that the cake wasn’t too sweet and the multiple layers were so gorgeously even. There was a good chocolate and coffee taste and the cream was very fluffy. A very good crepe cake!

Green Tea Crepe Cake with Red Bean ($8.95)

I thought that I would prefer this one, but I felt that overall the matcha flavour was way too light. The red bean on top was good, but it overpowered all the matcha taste when we ate it together.

Serradura Pudding Plant ($4.25)

Serradura was such a nostalgic throwback. Serradura, also known as ‘sawdust’ in Portuguese, is a very popular dessert in Macau. This version was again, not too sweet, which was appreciated. I liked the pudding at the bottom!

Mango Pancake ($7.00)
I’m usually not a huge fan of ‘pancakes’ from Asian dessert places because I’m personally not a big whipped cream person. However, this mango pancake was SO GOOD. There was a giant  piece of mango inside and the crepe on the outside wasn’t rubbery like some other places.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit here! The place is quite small so once it becomes more popular it may be difficult to get seating. The desserts overall were not too sweet and on the lighter end of the flavour spectrum. It definitely caters to a more Asian palette, so if you’re a fan of heavier desserts, this place won’t suit you.

Would I come back? Yes! I want to give their drinks a try next time.

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