In an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, I met with R an H at Tractor on a gorgeous weekend for a lunch date. I hear that Tractor is pretty busy during work days, but when we were there it was pretty quiet.

What we ate: 1/2 sandwich Chicken – Grilled chicken breast, arugula, pear, house pickled onions, pesto aioli, provolone cheese, sourdough bread ($5.25)
Full Sandwich Turkey – Turkey thigh, smoked gouda, alfalfa sprouts, arugula, pesto aioli, house pickled cucumbers, sourdough bread ($9.50)

I had the chicken sandwich and it was alright. They were pretty stingy on the chicken – the sandwich was mostly arugula. There was one lone piece of pear in the sandwich and I couldn’t taste any aioli or onions. Overall, it was a pretty disappointing sandwich.

What we ate: Ancient grains, roasted carrots, lentils, green onions, tamari sunflower seeds, almond vinaigrette ($3.50)

The portion size was really generous for $3.50! In hindsight I should have chose and extra salad instead of my sandwich. The salad was really filling and flavourful! I really liked the tamari sunflower seeds, they added a really yummy sweet crunch to the dish.

What we ate: Tomato Fennel Soup ($6.00) and Albacore tuna ($5.25)

Would I be back? Possibly for lunch during work hours. I really liked the salad that I got and for $3.50, I would definitely be open to trying their other offerings!

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