My Frosty

One of my favourite desserts in the world is Shaved Ice (patbingsu) and I’m so glad that it has become trendy and popular in Vancouver. Although Passion8 is still my first choice, My Frosty is slowly but surely climbing it’s way to number one in my heart.

What I love about My Frosty is that their shaved ice is flavoured! That means everybite has flavour which is super important when you’re eating frozen water/milk!

Their bingsu’s come in two sizes (small and large), I find that the small size is good if you want to try more than one flavour.

Another bonus is that they also serve mini taiyakis! They’re super cute and because they’re so small you can kind of justify eating more than 6 in one seating…

What we ate: Taiyaki – red bean, custard cream, mochi and chocolate ($7 for 12)

Although these are pretty light on filling, they make up for it in their cute size! These taiyakis are about the size of a thumb and are light and fluffy. It’s easy to knock back a half dozen in no time!

What we ate: Small Taro Bingsoo ($10.00)

This tastes just like a taro bubble tea! It’s not too sweet and you can really taste the taro flavour. I like the scoops of ube they put throughout as well as the crunchy corn flakes at the bottom. The taiyaki on top is a cute touch, and overall this is a winner for me!

What we ate: Small Mango Bingsoo ($11.00)

I’m personally not the biggest fan of fruit bingsu’s but this one was done well. The mango was plentiful and very sweet! And like all the other bingsu’s this had cornflakes on the bottom and a cute taiyaki on top.

What we ate: Small Matcha Bingsoo ($10.00)

The crowd favourite. The matcha taste isn’t super strong, but it’s definitely there. I like the addition of the red bean because it adds a bit of sweetness to the bitterness of the matcha. Again, this also comes with cornflakes and a cute taiyaki on top.

Would I come back? Yes! This post is a culmination of multiple visits, and I definitely see myself coming back more than once! Now if they would only implement a loyalty card…

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