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Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

One of the best lunch deals in my opinion is Joe Fortes Blue Plate specials. They have a feature every day and until March 23, all the specials are available every day of the week.

What we ate: Lobster Oil and Vinegar

If it wasn’t so uncouth, I would drink this out of the plate. This is always served with their warm and crusty bread (featured below).

What we ate: Bread

This bread is merely the vehicle with which to scoop lobster oil into my mouth because using a spoon isn’t classy.

What we ate: Thai BBQ Chicken ($11.95)

This dish really surprised me! The chicken was moist and tender and the sauce went perfectly with the chicken. I had half expected the bottled thai chili sauce dumped on top of chicken, but this was lighter and unexpectedly spicy. It was delicious. Also, a shout out to the rice. It was really good rice! Fluffy but dry, just the way I like it.

what we ate: West Coast Fish Cakes ($11.95)

When they first arrived they didn’t look like much, but these cakes are DENSE (in a good way). They are packed with fish, and almost no filler. The tartar sauce it came was with absolutely delicious. It had a sourness to it that really complimented the heaviness of the fish cake.

What we ate: Panko Crusted Haddock ($11.95)

The haddock was light and flaky. I liked the salsa it came with because the fresh tomatoes really added a brightness to the dish. The accompanying squash puree was also delicious.

What we ate: Carrot Cake ($11.95)

Honestly the two reasons I come here is for the lobster oil and the carrot cake. Everything else is just bonus! The carrot cake is packed with ingredients but still manages to be fluffy. The icing isn’t too sweet and really just makes the cake perfect!

Would I come back? Yes! Their lunch specials are really unbeatable, and when they have their brunch specials you can bet I’m here all the time!

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