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The month of March is always a crazy busy time for me, so I try my best to meet my friends as often as time permits, but usually it’s a quick catch up over coffee or a hurried dinner during Happy Hour times. Luckily I have some of the most understanding friends in the world and they always try to accommodate my crazy schedule.

S and I met for a quick dinner and catch up at Tuc Craft Kitchen last week and I had a great time!

What we ate: Bread & Other – olive toast, stuff from the garden, sesame ($5.00)

This was absolutely delicious. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this but I was blown away. The vegetables were delicious and the pickled onions really brightened up the dish. I could honestly eat an entire plate of these vegetables and call it a day. The bread I could have done without. It was saturated in butter and oil and wasn’t very tasty.

What we ate: Pork Croquette & Kimchi – Gelderman Farms pork shank, garlic chili marinated vegetables ($4.00)

This looked small, but was very decadent! The kimchi had a good sour and spicy kick which offset the heaviness of the croquette. This was another winner for us.

What we ate: Mussels & Sausage Salt Spring mussels, Farmers sausage, tomato, chili & garlic ($8.00) and Smashed Potato Fries with toasted coriander ketchup ($4.50)

For the price this dish was an absolute steal in my books. There was a plentiful amount of mussels and each one was plump and delicious. The spicy tomato broth was delicious and had me wanting for more bread to soak it all up!

Would I come back? Absolutely. I was really happy with the small sampling of dishes I had today and I would love to come back to try their dinner and drinks when I have more time!

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