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Caffe di Beppe

One of the most rewarding parts of starting a food Instagram is all the amazing and wonderful people that I have met on the platform. One of these lovely ladies is Yuki! We finally had our long awaited date this week and what better place to meet than the very romantic Di Beppe restaurant?

Another perk of having foodie friends is that they understand that sometimes it takes awhile to get “the shot”. Also, it’s not rude to talk and not look at them when you’re snapping away!

What we ate: Salumi misti ($12.00)

This was a pretty standard plate of meats. It wasn’t too salty and the bread was fresh which I appreciated. I just wish there was more bread!

What we ate: Polpette ($6.00)

This was average. The meatball didn’t have a lot of flavour and depended on the tomato sauce to give it some taste.

What we ate: Egg & Anchovy ($4.00)

This was really good! I liked how the creaminess of the egg really worked with the salty brine of the anchovy. The only downside was that the egg was already popped when it arrived.

What we ate: Octopus & potato crostino ($12.00)

This for me was the dish of the day. It was so delicious! The octopus was very tender and flavourful, not chewy at all. I loved the potatoes underneath the octopus as well. Overall this is the dish to get during Happy Hour!

Would I come back? It’s a cute Happy Hour spot, and I adored the crostino, but unless I was in the area I wouldn’t come to eat here specifically. I do however want to try their coffee and pastry options one day!

Caffe di Beppe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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