Korean Restaurants

Cafe SoBahn

I recently had the chance to check out the newly opened Cafe SoBahn in Coquitlam. Cafe SoBahn is a cute little Korean restaurant that serves up homestyle Korean cooking. Their menu is quite limited, but the restaurant itself is on the smaller side so that is to be expected.

What we ate: SoBahn Weekly Special – Kimchi Fried Rice, Odeng Fish Soup, Side dishes and Fruit (12.99)

Cafe SoBahn has a rotating weekly special, and for the week I went the special was Kimchi Fried Rice. This set meal is a good way to try the chef’s weekly creations. In the past they have had a pasta special, omelette rice, and chicken kalbi, so make sure you check out their Instagram to see what the special is!

I am a huge fan of Kimchi Fried Rice, and it’s such a comfort food to me. This was a really good rendition and I wish it was a part of their permanent menu!

What we ate: Mool Naengmyeon – cold noodles in chilled beef broth with mild spicy sauce ($10.99)

With the heat wave that Vancouver is having, this is the perfect dish to cool down with. I appreciated that they served this with ice as it kept the dish cooler longer.

What we ate: Kimbap – Korean style roll made with ham, egg, fishcake and vegetables ($3.99)

The kimbap here is pretty standard. It’s smaller than what I’m used to, but for the price it is a really generous portion! All the components tasted really fresh and I like the nuttiness that the sesame seed sprinkled on top added to the overall taste of the kimbap.

What we ate: Dosirak – Korean style old school lunch box with rice, ham, egg, fishcakes and kimchi ($8.99)

This is a very common dish in Korea, but this is the first time that I’ve had it in Vancouver. It’s simple comfort food at it’s finest. The kimchi at Cafe Sobhan is amazing. It’s perfectly pickled with a very developed spicy flavour. I wish they sold it by the jar!

Traditionally you are supposed to shake it up in the container it is served in, but I’m a pretty clumsy person and I didn’t want to make a huge mess in case it slipped from my hands, so I just mixed it up like a bibimbap.

I really enjoyed this dish, and I would come back just to eat it again!

Would I come back? If I was in the area I would definitely drop by for a quick bite. The menu is simple and uncomplicated in its execution. The service was very friendly and tea refills were very prompt.


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