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Soft Peaks

I was kindly invited by Trudy, to try the new Frissant Ice Cream Sandwich at Soft Peaks Ice Cream in Burnaby.

The store interior is very spacious with lots of natural light. The Burnaby location has to be at least double the size of their Gastown counterpart.

What we drank: Iced Caffè mocha ($4.50)

The owner informed us of their new coffee program exclusive to the Burnaby location. They serve Milano Coffee, but they also serve a couple non-espresso drinks – the Strawberry Milk Tea and Black Cube Latte.

Because we went on such a hot day, we started off the tasting with an iced caffè mocha. This drink was not too sweet contrary to its appearance. The espresso had a deep roasted taste which balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate syrup. This is a perfect indulgent summer drink!

What we drank: Caffè Latte ($4.50)

What we ate: Frissant Ice Cream Sandwich ($6.75)

We tried the Blue Mountain Frissant Ice Cream Sandwich which is a Frissant from Swiss Bakery that is layered with Soft Peaks’ signature organic milk ice cream, blueberries and drizzled with their home-made blueberry purée.

The Frissant was buttery and flaky just like a croissant. It was a touch on the oily side but that might be due to the copious amounts of butter in this pastry! The ice cream was delightfully smooth and not too sweet, and went well with the sweetness from the blueberries.

One thing to note is that the ice cream melts extremely fast. It was already dripping when they handed the sandwich over to me.

What we ate: Green Forest – Organic soft serve ice cream topped with organic Premium Matcha powder, sweet red beans, and condensed milk. Served in a freshly made waffle cone ($7.00)

When we first arrived at Soft Peaks we were enveloped in the delicious aroma of freshly made waffles. Turns out they were making a new batch of their waffle cones! I adore waffle cones (sometimes even more than the ice cream in it!) so I couldn’t resist and I had to order one of their signature cones.

Because I also love matcha, the obvious choice for me to get was the Green Forest. The dessert itself would be good for people who want to try matcha for the first time. Because the only matcha component from this dessert was from the dusting of matcha powder, there isn’t an overwhelming matcha taste that some people find off putting.

The dessert wasn’t too sweet which I appreciated, and the cone was one of the best waffle cones I have ever had. I would definitely recommend upgrading to a cone when ordering ice cream at Soft Peaks!

What we ate: Snowberry (Seasonal menu) – Organic soft serve ice cream topped organic strawberry and organic strawberry agave syrup with cereal. Served in a freshly made waffle cone ($6.75)

Similar to the Green Forest, this dessert wasn’t too sweet. There is a generous portion of strawberries and the strawberry agave syrup really dialed up the strawberry flavour in this dessert.

The cereal didn’t do much for me in terms of adding to the dessert as there was already plenty of crunch from the waffle cone.

For strawberry lovers this would be a good treat, but for me I would probably pass on this particular combination.

Would I come back? Absolutely! I really enjoyed their waffle cones and I can’t wait to come back and try more of their flavour combinations!

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