Cafe Dessert

Passion Tearoom

Passion Tearoom is a cute family run bubble tea joint located in Downtown Vancouver. All of their drinks use only fresh fruits and and freshly brewed tea. None of their drinks use flavored syrups or powdered milk which is rare to find these days! I was recently invited to check them out, and I really enjoyed my experience. I loved them so much, I’ve partnered with them for a giveaway on my Instagram!

They have a small menu with a variety of teas, slushes and milk teas to choose from as well as the option to customize your drink. For the quality of ingredients that they use, their pricing is extremely reasonable (especially for Downtown), with all most drinks not exceeding $5.00.

The service is very friendly and knowledgeable and they are quick to offer suggestions without being pushy.

What we drank (left to right):

  • Strawberry Colada – fresh strawberries and coconut blended with milk and ice cream ($5.45)
  • Kurozato Milk Tea – Japanese roasted black tea sweetened with Japanese black sugar ($4.80)
  • Pure Matcha Shake – 100% matcha powder blended with ice cream and milk ($5.45)

The Strawberry Colada tastes just like a piña colada sans pineapple. It’s a tropical drink that takes you back to summer days by the beach.

The Kurozato Milk Tea is one of their signature drinks. Kurozato is an unrefined sugar from Japan that adds a rich molasses flavour to the tea. It’s a very unique taste and I have yet to try it anywhere else in Vancouver. I would recommend this drink for its unique twist on a milk tea.

The Pure Matcha Shake is an unadulterated matcha bomb. If you love matcha this is your drink. The sweetness comes from the ice cream so it tempers the bitterness of the matcha which makes this a really delicious and creamy treat!

What we ate: Chiptole Chicken Sandwich – Ciabatta bread, grilled chicken, red bell pepper, chipotle sauce, bacon, mayo, cheese and arugula ($7.95)

This simple panini was a powerhouse of flavour. Every ingredient worked well with each other and didn’t overpower the other.

It was crispy from the panini press and piping hot when it was served. I would definitely eat this again.

They don’t have any vegetarian options currently on their menu, but they were extremely accommodating. They were able to whip up a really delicious vegetarian sandwich for my friend which features avocado, spinach, cheese and peppers.

They have a really good combo which is a Sandwich + Milk Tea/Ice Tea for just $12.00. That’s a pretty sweet deal for lunch in Downtown!

Would I come back? Absolutely. This cafe has a really cute vibe, and their drinks are so delicious! There was a steady stream of customers when I was there, and the service remained friendly and efficient the entire time.


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