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Coquille Fine Seafood

Coquille Fine Seafood is the latest project from the team that brought me my favourite restaurant – L’Abattoir. I have always loved the seafood offerings at L’Abattoir, so I knew I definitely had to check out Coquille!

One of the ways I test the waters at a restaurant before committing to a full dinner is to try out their Happy Hours. If they can impress me during their Happy Hour, I take that as an almost guarantee that their dinner service will be equally as amazing.

The Happy Hour at Coquille runs from 3 pm – 6 pm and 9pm till late. They have several drink and food specials to choose from, and their full dinner and dessert menus are also available to order from.


French 75 – gin, lemon, sparkling wine, cherry ($12.00) and Glass of House White ($6.00)


The French 75 is one of my go to cocktails and this one didn’t disappoint. It was heavy on the alcohol but not overwhelmingly so, and I definitely downed a couple before really feeling the alcohol hit me!

The House White was standard and had a light fruity taste.


Octopus Toast ($7.00)


This was a visually stunning dish, but the taste was just okay. The bread was a bit past charred (black and inedible in parts), and overall the crust was much too hard to be able to eat this without all the toppings falling off.


Griddled Crab & Shrimp Roll  ($10.00)


Staying consistent with their minuscule portions, this roll was laughably small. This isn’t a picture after I’ve eaten, this was the actual roll that was served (more accurately a half roll). As you can tell from the photo the shrimp were little baby shrimps and if there was crab, I couldn’t detect it. Taste wise it was okay. It was your standard crab and shrimp salad in a soft roll. I much prefer the P.E.I. Lobster Roll from WildeTale.


Tuna Poke ($12.00)

This was the biggest disappointment of the night in terms of taste. The texture was extremely mushy and the dish was very fishy tasting. We left most of this untouched.




Dark Chocolate Tart – Chantilly cream and cocoa nibs ($10.00)


This dessert was the highlight of the night. The rich dark chocolate was so smooth and luscious and that paired well with the light Chantilly cream.

Would I come back? Possibly. The portion size was tiny even by my standard, and I hope it wasn’t a reflection of their regularly priced menu items. Their drinks were impressive, but the value isn’t really there for their food items. I understand that this is a higher end restaurant, but I would say pass on the Happy Hour and just have dinner here because the bill you pay at the end won’t be too different and you’ll probably be much more satisfied!

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