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Kerrisdale Nakamura

I’m a big fan of dessert first (and after!) dinner, so after our afternoon treat at Nana’s Green Tea we headed over to Ajisai for dinner. Unfortunately for us, the wait was over an hour, so we did a quick search on Yelp and ended up at Nakamura.

Nakamura is a small restaurant with seating for 25 people maximum. When we arrived we managed to snag one of the very last tables.

We decided to go with the Tasting Course Dinner ($38.00 per person). The tasting course consists of gomae, sashimi, baked seafood, tempura, sunomono, chicken teriyaki and sushi).

The gomae was standard, and the sesame sauce was very fragrant.

The cuts were on the smaller side but each piece was very fresh.

I was really looking forward to this dish and it didn’t disappoint! This was baked shrimp and scallop with miso mayonnaise. The presentation was cute, being served in a scallop shell, and there was plenty of seafood in this. The miso mayonnaise didn’t overwhelm the seafood and I would have ordered more if I had the stomach space!

The next two dishes were served together – the sunomono and chicken teriyaki. The sunomono was refreshing with a strong vinegar bite. The octopus was fresh and went well with the seaweed and cucumber.

The teriyaki was standard, a good filler. I wish it came with rice as the sauce was on the saltier side.

2018-06-09 19.16.17.jpg
At this point I was getting quite full, but we preserved. The tempura was light and the portion was generous. There was two shrimp, sweet potato, green bean, eggplant and kabocha. My favourite was the kabocha.

Our meal finished with a a five piece nigiri set. Each piece was delicately made and the rice portion was very small in comparison to the sashimi. I really enjoyed this plate, and I think the next time I visit I will try more of their sushi and sashimi offerings.

Overall I felt quite full after this tasting course. Service was on the slower side, but that was to be expected as I think this was a husband and wife team (husband was the sushi chef and wife was the waitress) who ran the entire restaurant.

Everything was fresh and delicious, and I would love to come back again to try more dishes!

Kerrisdale Nakamura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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