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I was kindly invited by David and his team at Lobster Foods to come by and try out some of their signature items. I was joined by my friend Wing, so it was an evening of great food and amazing conversation coupled with a spectacular view.

Lobster Foods is a new restaurant located in the heart of English Bay specializing in American and Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. They use the freshest ingredients for all their dishes and the quality and care in their food and presentation really shines through.

Nigiri Platter – Hotate ($3.50 per piece), Unagi ($3.00 per piece) and Salmon Aburi ($3.00 per piece)

The nigiri was extremely fresh and well prepared. I was very pleasantly surprised by the fish to rice ratio! The fish portion was definitely the star of the nigiri. The Hotate nigiri was fresh, and the ikura added bright bursts of flavour which complemented the smooth texture of the scallop. The unagi was standard, and the salmon aburi could definitely rival some of the top tier aburi restaurants in Vancouver!

Lobster Pizza ($45.00)

This pizza was the pièce de résistance of our meal. The pizza features a Boston thin crust and is topped with a whole lobster, shrimp, a variety of cheeses and vegetables. When it arrived it was a definite show stopper. This pizza was meant for four to six people, but Wing and I devoured it between the two of us!

The Boston thin crust is akin to a cracker in texture, so it’s on the drier side, but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the pizza as a whole. If you’re not a fan of thin crust pizzas, I would probably not order this.

Black Truffle Lobster Sandwich ($23.00 for half lobster, $38.00 for a whole lobster)

Lobster Foods has a variety of Lobster Rolls to choose from including the classic New York Style and Original Butter. If you’re feeling more adventurous they have some delicious fusion options including Miso Cheese, Kimchi and Szechuan Spicy Lobster Sandwich! All of these flavours sounded so delicious, but we decided to go with the Black Truffle Lobster Sandwich.

The lobster portion was very generous! It was all lobster and no filler, which made this a very satisfying and fancy sandwich! All their lobster rolls are served in a 6″ Hokkaido Style bread roll which in my opinion the perfect vehicle for the sweet and succulent lobster. The bread is lightly toasted in butter and is so soft and doesn’t overwhelm the lobster at all. I would hazard to say I enjoyed this much more than the Luke’s Lobster Roll I had in Tokyo!

Would I come back? Absolutely. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish we had today and I cannot wait to bring my family here to try the Lobster Rolls! An added bonus is the gorgeous view of English Bay from the restaurant.

I’ve also only heard good things about their Lobster Ramen, and I would love to try it when the weather finally cools down in Vancouver.

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