French Fusion Japanese Restaurants

Kitchen by Yugo

Kitchen by Yugo is a French Japanese fusion restaurant located in the West End of Downtown Vancouver. They have a secondary location on Main called Yugo Restaurant, and while the two restaurants share some similar items, there are dishes that are exclusive to each branch so make sure you go to the right location!

I’ve been to Kitchen by Yugo many times and the food has always impressed me. I have yet to have a really good drink here, so I think that’s something they need to work on (I’ve had some pretty terrible drinks here), but overall the restaurant delivers some stunning and delicious dishes.

Strawberry White Sangria – strawberries, syrup and white wine ($5.00) and Grape Breeze Cider – Vodka, grape ramune and frozen grapes ($5.00)

Pretty standard drinks, more juice than alcohol, but they were good for what they are. Quite frankly these could pass for mocktails.

Salmon Aburi Oshi – Jalapeño, Salmon Tartar with Kimchi Mayo ($15.00)

I love the aburi oshi here. This is such a common dish in Vancouver now, but very few restaurants do it well (in my opinion). Kitchen by Yugo does an amazing job. The salmon is melt in your mouth and the overall dish isn’t too oily (like some other restaurants). It’s fairly priced and I would definitely get this again.

Scallops Risotto – Hokkaido Scallops, Black Truffle, Mushrooms, Honey Ricotta, Bonito Flakes ($20.00)

This is hands down one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in my entire life. The first time I tried this dish (about a year ago), my friend was going to order another one just because I looked so happy eating the first one. The original iteration of this dish included ikura (which I really wish they didn’t remove from the dish!). The new version doesn’t have ikura, but it’s still very delicious.

It is a very rich and heavy dish so it should definitely be shared. But I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to keep it all for yourself!

We ordered a few other dishes, but I was a bit too busy eating to take pictures. I always have a great time at Kitchen by Yugo, and this experience was no different.

Kitchen by Yugo is currently offering a $35 dinner menu for Dine Out Vancouver. It’s a great way to try their dishes without breaking the bank!

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