Milssam Tacorea

Milssam Tacorea is a brand new Korean Mexican taco joint that opened recently in Yaletown. It offers a small but focused menu of Mexican favourites (like tacos, mole and nachos) and adds a Korean twist to their dishes. On the sweeter end, you can order Ms. Osmad’s souffle cheesecake made fresh every 30 minutes (also available at their Damso Bute location), hotteok (churros from Mexico, Korean pancakes), along with Yuzu Snowman.

I came here for a tasting of some of their signature dishes with my friend Q last week.

What we ate: Spicy Pork – Thick taco bun, aioli, radish, onion pickle, pineapple ($4.50)

The thick taco bun was essentially a bao. It was soft and fluffy and the perfect vehicle for the spicy marinated pork. The filling was generous and I really enjoyed the onion pickle!

What we ate: Seafood Ceviche – marinate shrimp and snapper, avocado, shallot and soy vin ($7.00)

This was the least Korean of all the dishes that we tried. The taco shell was reminiscent of corn chips (which I order). The seafood was well marinated and the avocado was more like a guacamole. Overall this was the most unique taco that we tried.

What we ate: Milssam Taco – beef belly, onion, lettuce, gochujang vin ($4.00)

The Milssam taco is their signature taco. It is also available at Damso on Bute and on Denman. I really enjoyed the hand stretched tortilla and the filling like all the other tacos, was very generous. I personally preferred the filling in the pork taco more so my ideal would be this tortilla as the base and then filled with the pork.

What we ate: Korean Black Bean Mole + Rice – Jajang, bacon, pickles, onion, corn and cabbage ($9.50)

When this arrived at the table I was a little bit skeptical. It didn’t look like much but once I dug into it I was pleasantly surprised. The sauce was packed with flavour and the bacon worked really well in this dish (and I’m not even a fan of bacon!) The pickled onions tasted really good in this dish (similar to the pickled daikon you get when you order jjajangmyun! This dish is a definite must order again for me. Pair this with a milssam taco and you will have a filling dinner for less than $15 in Yaletown!

What we ate: Cawliflower Salad – crispy fried, kimchi sauce, pork, apple, corn and cilantro ($10.00)

If all salads tasted like this, I could definitely be a vegetarian! This dish is so addictive! The kimchi sauce that drenches this cauliflower had me reaching back for more and more.

Would I come back? Yes! I really enjoyed the food here. The restaurant is self service (a server will bring you your food, but you need to get your own cutlery and water). Milssam Tacorea takes standard Mexican fare and gives in a new Korean twist.

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