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Miku Restaurant

My mum and I have a birthday tradition where we take the birthday person to Miku for a celebratory lunch. We have been doing this for almost a decade now as we started this tradition before Miku moved to their new waterfront location!

I’ve been here countless times, so I won’t go in to too much detail, but I did want to highlight their new Chef’s Select lunch option.

Chef’s Select ($36.00)

The Chef’s Select is a chance for the chef at Miku to explore their favourites and off menu items. It features traditional and Aburi nigiri, rolls, and oshi. It’s also served with a small salad and miso soup. This was my mum’s choice for lunch today and she loved it!

The highlight of this dish was the lobster nigiri. It was so succulent and delicious. All the other rolls were standby favourite and my mum had no complaints.

For all Miku fans, this set includes a piece of their famous Salmon Oshi!

The attention and care to detail is always appreciated. Ever piece was carefully constructed and all the flavours complemented each other very well.

For newcomers to Miku, this is one of the best ways to get a sampling of some of their best sushi offerings.

Miku Zen – a sampling of items from the raw bar, kitchen and sushi bar. Features four seasonal items, five pieces of Aburi sushi and miso soup ($35.00)

This is another standby favourite of mine as it offers a variety of different dishes, and I love having options!

On this visit my favourite dish from the kitchen was the Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish. It came with a baby bok choy and was toped with a pickled wasabi and yuzu miso reduction. The fish was so delicate and buttery and the pickled wasabi added great pops of flavour to the fatty fish.

Another favourite is the Ebi fritter. They use a gigantic white tiger prawn and they batter it in a herb beer batter and serve it with a sweet chili aioli, chili powder and a soy balsamic reduction. It’s just so satisfying to bite into a large prawn thats just coated in batter.

This was a standard mixed green salad, but I love the dressing they use here. There’s also a small scoop of tuna on top. The crunchy fried bits added a great textural component to an otherwise boring salad.

Of all the dishes this is probably my least favourite. It tastes fine, and I personally love chicken breast, but it was definitely on the drier side. And in comparison to the other dishes it just felt a little uninspired.

As always the Aburi sushi was on point. Beautifully presented and delicious as expected. Shoutout to the team at Miku for making my birthday lunch so special!

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