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Elisa Steakhouse – Elevated Steakhouse Experience in Yaletown

Elisa Steakhouse, located in the heart of Vancouver’s Yaletown offers a unique steakhouse experience featuring a Grillworks Infierno wood-fired grill.

It is a beautifully appointed restaurant, with well thought out seating arrangements so you can hear your dining companions without shouting. There is a gorgeous wall of wine that is a definite conversation starter.

It is the perfect special occasion date night restaurant if you’re looking for pristine service and deliciously executed food.

Complimentary Country loaf and sourdough with butter

The bread had a tough crust that gave way to a soft chewy interior. The butter was really soft and delicious and spread wonderfully, but I think Elisa needs to step up their bread game (like L’Abattoir).

Red Star Line – ketel one citroen vodka, cherry heering, apricot, cranberry, lemon ($15.00)

I asked our server for his recommendation on the fruitiest, girliest, most non-alcoholic tasting cocktail, and he suggested I get the Red Star Line. No regrets here! It reminds me of the Gastown Swizzle from L’Abattoir which I also adore.

Holstein Dairy Cow, Wisconsin striploin 10oz ($48.00)

This was my choice for my main and I wasn’t disappointed. Aside from the wagyu I had at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo at The New York Grill, this has to be one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life.

My steak was perfectly cooked (look at those grill marks!) and every bite was an explosion of flavour. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

The lone stalk of broccolini was really yummy (next time I’m definitely ordering it as one of the sides). It had a nice grilled flavour with a nice vinegary pop.

The only downside for me is that I discovered that I’m not a fan of turnip mash (the white quenelle on the plate), but that’s just a personal preference.

Brant Lake Farm, Alberta wagyu flat iron 6oz ($38.00)

The wagyu flat iron was served a perfect medium rare as requested and the bite I tried was melt in my mouth tender.

Mushroom Risotto – Acquerello Carnaroli rice with Black Truffles ($13.00 + $8.00 per gram for the truffles)

BLACK. TRUFFLE. MUSHROOM. RISOTTO. What more can I say? This was indulgent, rich and full of umami flavour. The truffles were an add on and I would definitely recommend the additional splurge.

Brussels Sprouts – fried, brown butter, parmesan ($10.00)

Brussel sprouts are one of my favourite vegetables, and Elisa does a great job. The brown butter added a very nice nutty flavour and the cheese was a nice salty touch.

Onion rings – Buttermilk fried, ranch dressing ($12.00)

Next to baked potatoes, onion rings are my next favourite vegetable. These are the best onion rings I’ve ever had. It is my dream onion ring (the ones from Victor are great too, but they are a different kind of onion ring because it’s a thicker pretzel crust). The batter is light and crisp with a toothsome crunch, and the ranch dressing is so good I wish they sold it by the bottle.

Elisa Steakhouse has placed itself firmly in my top 3 restaurants that I’ve eaten in my life (and I’ve been to a lot!) From the impeccable service to the flawlessly executed food, I could find no fault with Elisa Steakhouse.

It’s rare that a restaurant leaves such a strong impression on me, that I’m planning my next visit midway through dinner!

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