Bubble Tea Cafe Dessert

Mr Mustache Bubble Tea

Mr. Mustache Bubble Tea has two locations – one in Vancouver and one in Burnaby. On this occasion I visited the Burnaby location which took over the former Cafe Joie. It’s only a few minutes walk from Metrotown, so it’s a nice cafe to rest up after a day of shopping.

On my visit, most customers seemed to be students studying and it was quite busy inside the cafe. It’s not the largest cafe, so I would recommend going early to try and get a seat to enjoy all of their delicious treats!

On this visit I tried two of their Macchiato drinks (Pu Er and Earl Grey flavour) and both were so flavourful and aromatic. It was a good clean drink that had a nice milky finish from the foam.

Matcha Matcha, Swiss Roll, Tiramisu, Cheesecake Bee, Chocolate Passionfruit and Peach Oolong Mousse ($6.25 each)


All the cakes available are so aesthetically pleasing! But more importantly they are also super delicious. My personal favourite was the Cheesecake Bee. It tasted similar to a New York cheesecake with a light mango flavour. It wasn’t too sweet and it was absolutely adorable to boot!

All the other cakes were equally as carefully constructed, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the options in my opinion.

Avalanche Cake ($7.50) + Black Rice Red Bean Yogurt Drink (New seasonal offering)

The Avalanche Cake is their newest dessert offering. It’s a bit of an interactive dessert because you’re supposed to pull the plastic up and all the cream will overflow (like an avalanche). The pearls come on the side and they are absolutely one of the best pearls I’ve had in Vancouver. Sweet and slightly chewy they are the perfect accompaniment for this cake. The Earl Grey cream is light and fluffy and pairs well with the soft cake.

The yogurt drink was really interesting. I’m a fan of black rice and red bean so I liked this drink, but it’s a bit sour from the yogurt, so it may not be for everyone!

Chocolate Mochi Bread

When you order this they heat it up for you so the chocolate and mochi inside the bread get all melty and delicious. The bread is soft on the outside and the chewiness of the mochi was a unique textural contrast.

This is one of their signature offerings and it definitely looks the part with the cute mustache imprint on the bread.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit here! Everything I tried was absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to come back to eat everything again!

The standout for me was the Avalanche cake. If you had to get one thing I would recommend this dessert for sure.

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