Bubble Tea Cafe

Chun Yang Tea (春陽茶事)

Chun Yang Tea is a popular chain from Taiwan. With locations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia, they are eyeing a North American expansion by opening stores in Vancouver and Toronto.

They are known for their authentic and traditional milk tea, and all of their drinks are made without any powders or artificial flavours.

The Vancouver location imports lots of their ingredients directly from Taiwan and makes a lot of the ingredients (such as their Aiyu jelly) in house. Check out their full menu here.

Honey Lemon Oolong Tea ($6.00)

If you’re not a fan of milk based drinks, this is a really refreshing summer drink. I was worried that the honey might be too sweet for me, but the lemon really cut through the sweetness.

Oolong Fresh Milk Tea with Aiyu Jelly ($6.00)

This is a secret menu item, and it’s my top recommendation for this store. The tea is so fragrant.

Aiyu Jelly is a jelly made from seeds of a natural fruit called Aiyu, a variety of fig found only in Taiwan. It doesn’t have any taste (to me), but it was a nice textural contrast to the smooth tea.

Brown Sugar Pearl with Soy Milk ($6.50)

This drink is available all day (no specific times like certain other bubble tea stores), and it is a hefty serving. The drink is half brown sugar pearls and half soy milk. I loved the caramelized pearls, and texture wise they were chewy but the pearls were on the smaller side.

I loved every single drink I tried. I was throughly impressed by how flavourful and delicious the drinks were. I could really taste the quality of the ingredients.

Another thing I noticed was the service. The servers were so friendly and welcoming and they answered questions from customers with a great attitude. They were also super knowledgeable of the menu and was able to give recommendations.

I would recommend this shop to everyone looking for a quality cup of bubble tea. I know I’m coming back even though it’s so far away (for me)!

Chun Yang Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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