Bonus Bakery

Bonus Bakery is 100% plant based bakery in Downtown Vancouver. They share a space with Freshii, but there is enough division that it feels like it’s own place. They bake everything from scratch and their coffee partner is Matchstick Coffee. They only have plant based milk on offer for all their lattes.

Bonus Cookie – marshmallow, Oreo, pretzel, cornflakes, and chocolate chips

This cookie is an everything but the kitchen sink situation. There is just a little too much going on in this cookie. I appreciate the mix of sweet and salty, however, I would probably omit one or two ingredients so that all the components can be enjoyed fully.

Rice Krispies Square with Matcha Drizzle

There’s nothing more satisfying or nostalgic than eating a Rice Krispie square. The matcha drizzle was a nice addition because the bitterness of the matcha offset the sweetness from the rest of the square.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this bakery to my plant based friends. If you’re like me and love butter and all manner of french pastry, this bakery probably won’t do it for you.


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