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Cacao 70 Sweet House – Granville

Cacao 70 is a Quebec-based chocolate cafe that operates locations across Canada, with several located in the Greater Vancouver area.

With the closure of the Denman location, Cacao 70 Sweet House on Granville (across from Nordstrom), has introduced savoury offerings to their menu as well as several new desserts and drinks.

Say Cheese! Matcha – iced matcha slushie with white chocolate ganache topped with the Cacao 70 signature cream cheese cap ($7.50)

One of their new drink options is the “Say Cheese!” line of drinks. Offered in three flavours – matcha, chocolate salted caramel and Mocha (espresso and chocolate), this drink features the popular “cheese cap” that is found in most bubble tea stores in Vancouver.

The drink was quite sweet with the addition of white chocolate, but the matcha flavour was still prominent. The cheese cap was smooth and went well with the matcha and chocolate to temper the overall sweetness of the drink.

Ham It Up Savoury Crepe – ham, roasted red peppers, roasted mushroom, Swiss cheese and basil sauce ($9.75)

They have added an extensive line of crepe offerings to their menu, in addition to grille sandwiches and wraps. We tried the ham crepe and it was well executed. The crepe was thin but still held all the ingredients together. The combination was classic and the basil sauce really brightened up the dish.

Chocolate Sharing Plate for 2 – a classic waffle topped with icing sugar, graham crackers, fresh strawberries, bananas, two servings of chocolate covered ice cream, dark chocolate dipping fondue and marshmallows ($24.75)

Presented on a marble platter, this dessert is a show stopper. It was a very fun and interactive dessert because you get to roast your own marshmallows to build your own smores. The dark chocolate was a good choice because it offset the sweetness from all the other ingredients.

The Catcha Matcha – Cacao 70 waffle and mini-scoop of soft-serve vanilla ice cream dipped with matcha chocolate, served with whipped cream, strawberries, coconut chips and classic cheesecake ($13.25)

This is my favourite dessert to get here. They have a variety of different options (chocolate, coffee, s’more, peanut butter, etc.) to choose from. The matcha is my favourite because I find that the bitterness of the matcha works really well with the overall sweetness of this dessert. The cheesecake is delicious, and the coconut chips add a nice textural contrast.

This is a good dish to get if you want to sample a little of everything that Cacao 70 has to offer.

This cafe looks small from the outside but seating extends all the way to the back of the store. With their varied offerings there will definitely be something for everyone.

Cacao 70 Sweet House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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