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[Product Review] Gomae Meal Prep

Gomae Meal Prep is a zero waste meal prep system. Their mission is threefold –

  1. Make healthy and sustainable food more accessible.
  2. Help our local communities thrive.
  3. Empower people around us to live their best life.

I definitely feel that from all their menu options. They have partnered with local restaurants and food trucks to provide customers delicious and healthy plant based meals right at their finger tips.

The meals are purchased in meal plans and each meal works out to be around $11.99. The only other charges beyond this cost is a flat rate of $6 for deliveries. Use my promo code CECI20 for $20 off your first order!

Taco Rice Bowl – Jasmine rice, cauliflower ‘wings’, Korean style beef-less ground and Mapo tofu 

For one of my first meal option I went with the Taco Rice Bowl created by the Rolling Cashew food truck. My favourite part was the cauliflower wings. It was spicy and added a good flavour to the bowl. This bowl was jam packed with flavour, but a bit on the oilier side.

Genki Bento Box – quinoa, kale, burdock root, housemade vegan probiotic kimchi

For my second meal option I went with the Genki Bento Box created by The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe. I was really excited to try this box because of the Japanese influences in this box. All the components of the box worked well and I felt very full and healthy after eating it. It’s simple and good Japanese food that was ready in minutes.

Chunky Smoked Tofu Salad – white quinoa, kale, carrot, smoked tofu, brown mushroom and chickpea miso gravy

My third meal option was also by The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe and it’s the Chunky Smoked Tofu Salad. This was another winner in my book. The chickpea miso gravy was so delicious and went perfectly with the smokey tofu.

Rice Paper Rolls – marinated ginger tofu, crispy vegetables, fresh herbs and peanut satay sauce

For my final meal option I went with rice paper rolls. I am not a fan of red bell peppers, so if I knew that this was the main component of this roll I wouldn’t have ordered it. However, it is a simple rice roll that is fresh and crunchy. Unfortunately one of the rolls arrived already split, but I just ate it as a deconstructed roll.

I think that the pricing is very fair for these healthy and hearty meals. As a working professional it was extremely convenient for me to receive these meals for my work week lunches. I really enjoyed my meals and I would order them again.

It’s a pretty easy and inexpensive way to have your lunches made for four days. And with my promo code (CECI20) you can get $20 off your first order!

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