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Key Party – Cocktails and S’mores

Key Party is a hidden bar located next to Rumpus Room on Main Street. The store front looks just like an old school accounting company – Zottenberg & Sons Accounting. Behind the unassuming exterior is an intimate lounge with an eclectic interior and even funkier cocktails and nibbles.

I dropped by earlier this month to check out their new cocktails and to preview their new s’mores dessert. S’mores are one of my guilty pleasure desserts and the set up they had at Key Party was adorable.

Their new S’mores dessert has an adorable sterno heater (with a very real flame), chocolate Pocky sticks for roasting your marshmallows, mini jars of Nutella, and house-made Grand Marnier graham crackers. The attention to detail is spot on. The house-made graham crackers have the cutest key imprint on them and they aren’t too sweet which was the perfect counter for the Nutella and marshmallow.

Bee On Your Knees – Ungava Gin, Odd Society Elderflower, lemon honey ($13.00)

Key Party also has an extensive cocktail list with many of them having some very cheeky names like ‘Tai Me Up’ and ‘Bee On Your Knees’.

I tried two cocktails – the Bee On Your Knees and their seasonal feature cocktail – S&M. This cocktail features Absolut Vodka, Odd Society Bittersweet Vermouth, lime juice, strawberry and jalapeno. Both drinks were extremely easy to drink and did not taste like alcohol at all (exactly how I like it!)

Key Party is a delightful hidden cocktail lounge with a great cocktail list. I really enjoyed my time, and I will definitely be back for the s’mores and cocktails!



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