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Smith’s Bagelry – Turkish-Canadian Fusion Baked Goods on Broadway

Smith’s Bagelry is a family owned cafe on Broadway that specializes in Turkish bagels. The cafe offers a variety of bagels, as well as sweet pastries, sandwiches and coffee drinks.

I stopped by on a rainy Sunday morning and the cafe was bustling with patrons. There was constant stream of customers dropping in for some delicious baked goods, and the pastry counter was constantly being refilled.

Istanbul Bagel Sandwich – feta, tomato, lettuce and cucumber ($6.99) and Cappadocia Bagel Sandwich – Montreal smoked meat, cheddar, tomato, lettuce ($8.49)

These sandwiches feature Turkish bagels which are quite flat and chewy. The sesame seed coating added a nice nuttiness to the bagel. The fillings were a bit sparse, and the sandwich was a bit messy to eat. I would pass on the bagel sandwich next time and just get the bagel on its own.

Bourek (Flaky Pastry) – Feta Spinach Twister and Potato Twister ($2.49)

This was absolutely delicious. The pastry was flaky and stuffed with feta and spinach. The staff will warm it up for you before serving and that makes it even more delicious.

Bourek (Flaky Pastry) – Ground Beef Twister ($4.25)

This is the larger version of the pastry and the ground beef filling was very flavourful. The pastry was flaky, but overall this was a lot oilier than the vegetarian version.

Cheese Balls ($1.99)

These were just mini soft buns that are spread with cream cheese and then rolled with parsley and cheese shreds. They aren’t anything to write home about and I wouldn’t order these again.

San Sebastian Cheesecake ($4.49)

This is the winning dish for me. The cheesecake was soft on the inside with a strong cheese flavour. The outside had a lovely crust, and the best part of the cheesecake was definitely the edges with a harder texture which was a lovely contrast to the softness of the rest of the cheesecake. It is an enormous slice for less than $5!

Soft Bagels – Plain, Olive Paste and Cinnamon ($2.99)

These bagels were reminiscent of buns from a Chinese bakery. The bread had a slight sweetness to it and a lovely fluffy texture. The cinnamon one was my favourite as it reminded me of a soft cinnamon bun.

Eclairs ($3.00)

The eclairs were light and the chocolate glaze added a nice layer of sweetness to an otherwise plain dessert.

Pistachio Roll ($3.00)

To end on a super sweet note, the Pistachio roll was another favourite. It was absolutely drenched in syrup but still managed to have a crisp texture. It was delicious from the nuttiness of the pistachio, and despite all the syrup dripping from it, it wasn’t as sweet as I had anticipated. The perfect dessert to pair with a nice strong Americano.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit. The service was exceptionally friendly, and I felt like I was being welcomed into a family home. Surprisingly my stand outs were the pistachio rolls and cheesecake, and I will definitely be back to eat those again!

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